Community Impact Partners Essay

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Behind the Scenes: A Look at United Way’s Community Impact Partners
We bring them up a lot – our Community Impact Partners. I imagine a lot of people don’t fully understand what that entails, and why they are important to our community. So, here’s a behind the scenes look at what they do and how their work changes our community for the better.
Community Impact Partners drive a fair amount of the work being done by United Way in Larimer County. That means they are the center of our collective impact agenda, which includes things like helping kids be ready for school, keeping kids on track to graduate, helping working families thrive, and meeting basic needs. Only by meeting the needs in these four areas can we break the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future for everyone in Larimer County.
Currently there are over 70 Community Impact Partners from all different sectors of the community, including nonprofit human services agencies, school districts, community organizations, professional associations, volunteer groups, the faith community, government entities, and foundations. These partners are broken down into four different collaborative groups dedicated to working together in new and different ways to address the root causes of poverty in Larimer County. Each
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By working together, local organizations no longer need to compete for resources, duplicate efforts, and can come together to address the long-term needs of the community like ensuring kids are prepared to learn and families have the tools they need to remain employed. “It is energizing to work with a group of visionaries who, instead of competing for precious resources, are eager to share and collaborate for the greater good of the people we serve,” stated Stephanie Slayton, Program Manager with Project Self-Sufficiency, a Community Impact Partner focused on helping working families
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