Community Intervention Plan For Children's Mental Health

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Community Intervention Plan Mother’s mental health plays a key role on effective parenting and social engagement (Hartas, 2014, p. 18). Implementing a community assessment allows for observations, issues to be brought forward and interventions to take place (Stamler & Yiu, 2008, pg. 216). Public health nurses need to continually observe communities, reflect on observations and implement strategies to improve the health conditions within the allotted community. Specifically, in the Hillside-Quadra area there is a lack of support for new mothers. Providing a new mothers walking group will help vulnerable individuals with support, advice and coping strategies. The intent of this paper is to advocate for the well-being of new mothers by implementing a new mothers walking group in the Hillside-Quadra area. Community Issue Walking around the Hillside-Quadra community, there noticeably was a large amount of mothers walking their infants down the sidewalks and roads of the community. Unexpectedly, these women were mainly walking in the morning or evening, by themselves and talking on their cellphones or listening to music. The only support for these vulnerable women are provided by the Quadra Village Community Center: pre and post natal and mother and tot classes (Quadra Village Community Center, n.d.). These classes are usually during the working week and in the afternoons between 11am and 1pm (Quadra Village Community Center, n.d.). Although, the tot classes at the Community
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