Community Is An Essential Part Of Our Existence

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Communities are an essential part of our existence. This essay will describe a community of which I am a member. Furthermore, it will describe the key elements of this community and analysis how boundaries are maintained. In addition, it will list the benefits and drawbacks of a community belonging. Lastly, it will discuss how the concept of community changed because of taking conflict, faith, and community.
Over the years, we have formed communities so that we can feel apart of something. I am a member of the Guyanese and Trinidadian Association of Winnipeg. In this community, our main objective is to allow everyone from our country to connect the same way they would at home. When people move to Winnipeg, they do not feel like they can fit in, therefore, we mostly focus on building a community where people can feel appreciated.
The key elements of this community are to be together with people that share the same faith as us. In this community, boundaries are maintained by upkeeping our values. For instance, you must always respect your elders. Pursing this further, we also maintain boundaries by watching for early warning signs of brewing conflicts. We encourage people to have open conversations with people if they experience tensions with. This allows them to get their thoughts out, leaving them to respect each other by cooperating.
We can accomplish so much by being apart of a community. First, you can achieve support. In my community, it is important for us to help…
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