Community Justice And Criminal Justice

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Community justice is a broad term that includes many aspects of involving the community. The main goal is to enhance the lives within the community through the creation of problem solving strategies and strengthening the standards within the community by restoring victim’s quality of life, and reintegrating offenders of crimes. Although community justice can be traced back hundreds of years. The model is still considered a nontraditional approach in today’s criminal justice sector. Due to its broad range practitioners that choses to implement using community justice within their agency has many different options for practicing the model.
There are usually five possibilities to pursue community justice initiatives they include: crime prevention, policing, prosecution, adjudication, and corrections. In addition, many experts has concluded that community policing and community courts are the two most widespread practices used within the criminal justice sector. Since, many professionals within the sector believe that community justice allows dialogue between citizens, community organizations and criminal justice agencies, stability can be achieved through the partnership which can help to create solutions too hard to fix problems within a community.
Today the court system has attempted several models for integrating community justice with in a community. Most common is the integration of a prosecutor’s office into neighborhoods troubled by crime. According to the attorneys
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