Community Leadership Course Analysis

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Throughout the semester we have had many conversations relating to diversity, time management, conflict management, as well as community service. Interestingly enough, we have not had an explicit conversation regarding the qualities of a leader, or what the title even means, since the beginning of the course when we wrote our leadership statements. At the beginning of this course, I described leadership as intuition, awareness, humility, courage, setting an example, and the willingness to be a team player. Through the conversations we have had, I now know this is not all it takes. Over the last few weeks, diversity has been our main focus. We read a very interesting article about diversity and how teams are much more productive when they are composed of male and female workers, rather than solely male. This was also the case when a test group with all the same race, completed the…show more content…
I did learn from the project I chose, however, it was nothing new. I wish I had chosen a project sooner, that way I could have had a new experience with leadership. I think that community service is an important learning tool as well as an opportunity to grow. I hope to be more active in my community in the future and I want to help those in need. I want to do more in the future, to better myself and the people living around me. I have learned a great deal from this class, and through the semester, my ideas of leadership have changed. I now can confidently say that my definition of a leader is someone who embraces diversity, is a team player, a manager and is brave. Embracing diversity is to embrace the ideas and opinions of others and even accepting them. Being a team player requires cooperation, communication, listening and setting an example. A leader should be well versed in conflict as well as time management, and a leader must trust their team enough to take a leap of faith every now and
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