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Philosophy Essay

My children have recently started attending a charter school in our area. I am very impressed with the hands on learning methods that they use to teach the students. The school utilizes many community learning projects which instills in them the importance of their community. They also plant gardens and create models in small groups which helps the children learn to work together while discovering how things work. My children who originally attended a normal public school, are much more eager to learn. School is an exciting place where they are learning without even realizing they are learning. My philosophy of education is that of progressivism. I strongly believe that children learn best in an environment that lets them
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Some other ways that would be beneficial to enhancing learning would be visiting a museum, making models, constructing timelines, oral history interviews, site studies, and problem-solving exercises. Activities that include working in teams build confidence and teach children to work together. Ultimately, I believe, project-based learning provides an education superior to the traditional.
When discussing and analyzing information to help the students learn to make informed decisions, it would be helpful to have the students relate the story to their own lives or outside events. Activities such as role plays and debates that engage students with significant ideas and encourages them to connect what they are learning to their prior knowledge and to current issues. This will cause them to think critically and creatively about what they are learning.
When students are not being motivated in class it can cause them to be disruptive and uninvolved. Keeping students involved and engaged in activities is the best solution to this problem. I would put the students in groups to discuss and analyze information and create activities that relate to the curriculum to help the students stay involved in their studies. I believe that this kind of educating would create a challenging yet fun environment to learn
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