Essay on Community Oriented Policing (COP)

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Introduction The police are usually charged with the great responsibility of ensuring that citizens are living quality lives that are free of crime and fear. In order to perform this duty effectively, the police need accurate and deeper knowledge of the citizens and issues they encounter in their daily lives. This knowledge will not be easy to come by if the police work independently from the citizens. Over the last several decades, police agencies have been working to gain the respect and the cooperation of the communities they serve. Community Oriented Policing was introduced to bring a closer working relationship between the citizens and the police.
Community Oriented Policing
Community Oriented Policing (COP) is a concept that
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Through this cooperation, it is possible to modify the environments that promote criminal behaviors.
The concept of COP is almost similar to that of Problem Oriented Policing (POP) apart from a few differences. POP is a concept that involves critically examining pieces of community issues with the aim of learning something new from the problem identified that will lead to more effective strategies for dealing with crime (Zarka, 2007). POP is designed to identify and eliminate causes of reoccurring crime and disorder that harm the community. Just like COP, the main goals of POP are to reduce crime and maintain social order. POP replaces the traditional incident driven policing strategies and, therefore, gave rise to the concept of Community policing (Reno Police Department, 1992).
COP and POP designs involve a more open relationship between the citizens and the police with the aim of giving the police a more proactive role in community issues (Mirsky, 2009). Under community policing, police are empowered to engage citizens in providing solutions to community’s problems. COP involves tactics such as foot and bike patrol, mini-stations, and beat meetings among many others. It also entails changes in police and community structures among a few other external changes. These may include formation of community squad division and geographical organization.
COP and POP recognize that crime may be associated to micro-social
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