Community Participation And Social Inclusion

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It is vital to increase community participation and social inclusion to build better communities. This is achievable by reducing the restrictions that have an impact on the participation of many disadvantaged groups, such as people with disability. Studies from the General Social Survey indicate that on average, people with disability are 15% less likely to participate in sport than the overall population. It strongly suggests the type of disability and support needs are important considerations in the participation and non-participation forms of people with disability.

Inclusive education is about recognising impairment as one of many forms of human diversity and viewing diversity as a resource rather than a problem. As a result, it creates a situation where all children can be valued and feel a sense of belonging and where all children are allowed to reach their full capacity in every part of development. It involves considering how teachers acknowledge the nature of knowledge and the student’s role in learning and how these ideas are established in teaching and classwork. Although it may seem difficult, many teachers find teaching a child with a disability to be a great experience. Students who have disabilities have just as much right to an effective and proper education as those students who have no disabilities. Schools might have limitations, but they must provide the required support systems to ensure these students can also be successful. This might include making…
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