Community Participation is Key to Healthy Improvement in Indonesia

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“How much money will we get?”
“If we get the same amount of money as this year,
We will stop to be health ministry partners.
There are many things we can do”.

"We have given large amounts of money.
Community organizations have responsibility to show their outcome.
Please remember, you are volunteering”.

Hearing the debate from community organizations and government in a coordination meeting, I was rethinking about the partnership. It must be something wrong. Why did this community organization become money oriented? Why was “us” as the government so arrogant?

There is no doubt that community participation is …show more content…

Furthermore, the objectives were also not clear. The selection of the target area was not based on morbidity and mortality data, but based on community organization’s authority.

It is inadvisable to blame, who is the main cause of the failure. While we think that the intervention of community organization did not work well, we forgot that to evaluate ourselves. The government has homework to develop a specific guideline on strategies and goals, improve stewardship systems from the central government to the local governments. Overall improvement in the health system is needed to improve health status and equity. The partnership is crucial, but not a single way to achieve the goal. It is too ambitious when the government measures the success of the partnership by increased life expectancy or the decreased mortality and morbidity. The indicator of the partnership program should be a process indicator, such as increased community participation in health programs or increased utilization of health services.

On the other hand, community organizations must aware of their role as a liaison between the government and society. As a partner, grow together in equity, solidarity, and equality is important. All members of the organizations must commit to creating sustainable independence healthy society.

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