Community Placement

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The main focus of my community placement is infection control and patient wellness. To promote this goal I administered flu vaccines to the residents and staff of Saint Vincent’s. During these sessions I worked with nursing staff that regularly assist the residents and was able to ask them questions. On a few occasions I was told by the staff that our precautions were unnecessary, even though I believed they were best practice. This has left me feeling isolated from the staff and not respected as a professional and dismissed as ‘just a student’. This was a negative experience because our coworkers were not open to collaborating. I was also intimidated by the lack of support and was not able to stand my ground as I was made to feel that my inexperience meant I did not have valid points. This led to me to feel that I could not ask questions which could ultimately negatively affect the residents. I’m concerned that I failed the residents by being instructed not to always follow best practice guidelines.…show more content…
We were unable to work collaboratively in the best interest of the patients. It surprised me that working toward the same goal does not mean teamwork will automatically happen. Prior to this experience, I assumed that when you are working towards the same goal, team work happens easily and I did not need to actively facilitate it. This has given me a new appreciation that it is my responsibility to promote collaboration instead of just expecting it. This experience has also affirmed for me the importance of effective communication. Any breakdown in communication has negative consequences for the planned goal. Communication is a skill that needs always needs to be worked on to be
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