Community Policing And Bridging Gap Between The Community And Law Enforcement

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Community Policing and Bridging the Gap Between the Community and Law Enforcement
Matthew Whitworth
American Military University
Professor McFarland
CRMJ203 Patrol Methodologies and Community Policing
August 22, 2015

The current landscape of Law Enforcement is as volatile as it has ever been. Police brutality and racism is being highlighted in media coverage daily. In the past year, numerous cases of police brutality have been the central focus of news agencies. The death of Freddy Grey, and the shooting of Michael Brown have put Law Enforcement Officials under a microscope. This has caused officers to second guess their first instincts and resulted in officers being injured, also it has forced officers to be more aware, and in some cases work with a partner when their patrol normally would not be a partnered patrol. This is due to the fact that in some areas, police officers are now the target of violent crimes. There is a disconnect between community and Law Enforcement, the local population does not trust their police force to protect them and be fair and uncorrupt, while the police force is currently trying to figure out the best course of action to rebuild the relationships with the communities they serve. Community policing is an effective tool in accomplishing that goal. Community Policing aims at solving local crime problems at the lowest level, and with the help and input from the community. Community policing is proactive and strives to eliminate the
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