Community Policing And Community Crime

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Community Policing and Community Crime Mackenzie L. Goehl Culver-Stockton College November 2015 Introduction Community policing is values that encourages organizational approaches such as strategies and policies. Community policing advises all parts of police business and also supports problem-solving practices. Community policing consist of strategies, tactics, and values. Thus, community policing is also sometimes know as problem-oriented policing. The sole purpose of community policing is so that police can be proactive and address any problems that may arise within the community that could potentially be a safety hazard. Community policing all branches from the idea that police officers are a multifunctional social service organization whose main purpose is to decrease crime and poverty. Similar to team policing, community policing is also the belief that traditional police officers will ultimately bring the public and the police closer together. Not only do community police officers respond to 911 calls and make arrest, but they also work individually to perform socials work and aid in finding resolutions to problems within the community. Understanding the American history of community policing is vital because the development of community policing has been influenced by an extensive amount of factors over the years. It is also valuable to recognize the significance of community policing because the police and the community can work together to
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