Community Policing And Public Security

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Topic: Community Policing
Affiliated institute In every corner of the world, security to the public has always been a concern. It is a responsibility of the government to provide security to its people. To ensure that there is a reliable security to the public, the government must streamline some approaches to security threats and effectively prevent or counter them. It is a common understanding that in most of the times in our lives, we happen to interact with the people who break the law or we witness an action which supposes to be punishable by the law. In the event that we have information that would improve the state’s security levels, we should willingly give it to the police. Contrary to this, many of the members of
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When a place is secure to live or visit, will obviously develop, since the members will actively involve themselves in developmental activities. Although police is the body mandated with the provision of security to the public, it is not possible for the police to provide reliable security while working alone. Community policing gives every member of the public a role to play in ensuring their land is safe to live in. The security is accorded through the combined efforts by both the police and the members of the public. The members of the public play a role by providing/ reporting any security concern to the police, and working with them hand in hand to restore/ maintain peace in the society. Gramckow and Jacoby (1993:30) concluded that community policing is a good strategy to address the concerns and problems of communities, since it is decentralized, proactive, and deals with crime prevention and the fear of crime. Since the police stay within the community, it becomes easy for faster response in cases of emergency. Whenever the police are called upon for help, they can turn up within a short while.
Positive relationship between police and members of the public
It is common that police are not regarded as good ‘people’ in the face of the members of the public. This is usually due to the nature of their work, as they work to enforce the law. Community policing has played a major role in changing how the community perceived the
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