Community Policing And Public Security

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Topic: Community Policing
Affiliated institute In every corner of the world, security to the public has always been a concern. It is a responsibility of the government to provide security to its people. To ensure that there is a reliable security to the public, the government must streamline some approaches to security threats and effectively prevent or counter them. It is a common understanding that in most of the times in our lives, we happen to interact with the people who break the law or we witness an action which supposes to be punishable by the law. In the event that we have information that would improve the state’s security levels, we should willingly give it to the police. Contrary to this, many of the members of the public will want to hide such information, out of fear of interacting with the police or fearing that the information may leak and your identify revealed, posing you to danger.
Community policing has evolved as a way of changing the relationship between the public and the police. It was meant to involve members of the public in the process of maintaining security. The community policing initiative in Calgary has been one of the successful initiatives of the like. It is an initiative implemented by the Calgary Police Service, which is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In this research project, we will examine the impact of community policing and its cost to the public.
Benefits of community policing
Improved security standards…
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