Community Policing And The City Council

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Compare and Contrast Paper Would you let a robber break into a family member’s or close friend’s house? If you knew everyone in your neighbor and felt connected with them would you feel safer? Would you like more community awareness or to know that the police are concerned with citizens’ problems and concerns not just incidents? These are questions to think about when you are considering community policing. How do you want the police involved in your community? What would make you feel safe in your home and neighbor? In this paper I will be giving you information about community policing and comparing it to our current traditional approach in hopes that the city council will help with the money needed to apply for a federal community policing grant. Often people have the wrong idea about community policing programs such as foot patrols, D.A.R.E., bike patrols, or police substations. Yes each of these programs are a part of community policing and its broader strategic plan, however these programs are not all that community policing can do for your community. Moreover, community policing is a belief that encourages an organizational approach that supports the use of partnerships and problem solving skills to proactively deal with the immediate circumstances that causes issues with public safety, such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime (Hess, Orthmann, LaDue & Bennett, 2012). Everyone knows that police cannot solve every public safety problem that comes along on

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