Community Policing, Crime, Prevention, And Prevention

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Abstract Community oriented policing is an innovation to law enforcement that started in the United States around the late 1980’s entering the 1990’s, it focused on the needs of the community and building trust between the community members and peace officers. Community Policing addresses issues such as public safety, crime prevention, along with fear and social disorder (COPS, 2005). By addressing issues in law enforcement, they can implement organizational strategies, utilize partnerships and direct people to more public resources. Also, they find and use problem-solving techniques while trying to ensure the rights of individuals and maintain transparency. In this essay, a brief description of articles discussing community policing and…show more content…
In the first article titled Community Policing in America: Changing the Nature, Structure, and Function of the Police by Jack R. Greene, explains how community policing is utilized to reforming police organizations. The article explains methods and ways to implement techniques that assist in improving police policies and practices. Greene describes the history that police have had with the public and how research is used to better law enforcements relationship with the public by being transparent and building back trust between them and the community it serves. Also, the article goes on to explain that interaction between the officers and the public is crucial, giving an insight as to how to approach individuals without violating their rights. As stated by Greene, findings from various studies suggest that community and problem-oriented policing have had modest impacts on community crime but larger impacts on the quality interaction between the police and the public (2000). By this statement alone, it implies that when police organizations work to better their relationship with the community, then the public begin to utilize services and are willing to participate in local crime prevention. In the second article by S. Marlon Gayadeen and Scott W. Phillip titled: The innovation of community policing and the COPS Office; does

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