Community Policing

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Community policing The renowned Sir Robert Peel who helped found the London Metropolitan Police unit that was meant to be closer to the people than any other time before. His vision was to have a community where ""¦the police are the public and the public are the police"¦" (Braiden, 1992). His vision was to have a community where the idea of policing is closely interlaced between the formal police force and the community participation in the control and termination of crimes in the entire England. The policing system in the USA has changed quite significantly from the time immemorial when the work of controlling crime was left to the police alone. There was no touch with the community though the community knew that there was a police department in the USA. There are several reasons for the absence in community involvement at the initial stages and the subsequent need for change in the policing system in the USA. The police were instructed to randomly change routes whenever the inc-charge felt was appropriate to do so. This was aimed at reducing corruption and curbing the frequency of police involvement in drug ring running and cover-ups and making the police force more community focused. Ironically this backfired since those in the community who had information to share as per concerns crime were denied the chance to strike a report with the officer to a level of creating confidence in confiding in the officer without fear of reprisal or betrayal and crimes like
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