Community Policing Is The Most Commonly Adopted Police Operational Strategy

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Community policing is the most commonly adopted police operational strategy in the world today (Wisler and Onwudiwe, 2009) Would it be realistic to think that one officer could really change a community? Community policing is an operation that involves the unity of citizens and both public and private organizations working together cooperatively to identify and resolve issues that have a mass effect on the safety of a specific area, neighborhood or city as a whole. Effective community policing occurs when the various committees are set up at local level and implement their own programs to prevent crime (Sutton & Fisher, 1989) It is recognized by community based police departments that police cannot effectively handle all issues alone and must partner with others who have the same responsibility for resolving problems. Prevention, early identification, and timely intervention to address problems before they become worse are important factors of community policing. Individuals of communities want to feel that the police department is in touch with their needs, concerns and values as well as a sense of security in the neighborhood. Once the community and police department begin to develop a working relationship, both parties engage in the process of goal sharing, resulting in a congruent relationship (Trojanowicz & Dixon, 1974) Community policing has many positive effects that aggressive policing can have on the relationship between the community and police departments.
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