Community Policing : One Of The Newer Looks On Law Enforcement

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Ryley Gunderson
Professor Dunlap
English 110
15 October 2015
Community Policing
Community policing is one of the newer looks on law enforcement. Many people do not know exactly community policing is or how it works. It is used in many places around the world and has many elements needed to be successful. It varies from traditional policing with how they want to solve the problems in the community.
What is community policing? Well there is not a definite definition for what community policing is but according to Trohanowicz as cited in Wilson and Jeremy 's book Community Policing in America, Most people who are involved with community policing would believe that it is "based on the concept that police officers and private citizens
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By manipulating these factors, people will be less inclined to act in an offensive manner. Some examples of community problems that might happen are prostitutes in local parks, panhandling that creates fear or someone who constantly harasses others.
Community policing is used all over the United States and the world. It is applied in many places around the world such as Chicago, New York, Japan and Northern Ireland to name a few. It has varying effectiveness in each place it works better in some places than others. There are many things that go into making community policing successful, the community and the police need to be willing to work together. Some reasons why it might not work would be that the police my be lazy and not want to be directly involved and find doing this sort of thing is beneath them, on the other hand sometimes the community might have a bad relationship with the police and not want to have them being around all the time helping. One example of community policing being effective as said in Understanding Community Policing by the Bureau of Justice
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