Community Policing Essay

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This dissertation will examine the Community-Oriented Policing Model and determine if it is or isn’t proven to be an effective way of policing. Crime has been a major problem and concern for law enforcement as early as the 1900’s. Citizens had become fed up with such high crime rates and order maintenance issues, and felt something needed to be done to prevent crime and restore order. There are several policing strategies that have been implemented from the traditional model of policing to the Community-Oriented Policing Model in how Police Officers deter crime and how they work with community leaders in order to deter crime, restore order and make neighborhoods a safer place to live. This paper will discuss some of the outcomes and the …show more content…
The COP model brings police officers and neighborhood citizens together as a team to prevent crime and solving problems, emphasizing the prevention of crime rather than the traditional policing method of responding to crime after it happens ( Traditional policing is a reactive strategy that was used to prevent crime from the early 1800s to the early 1980s. Officers would patrol the streets, beats, or jurisdiction to respond to order maintenance issues, prevent domestic disputes, prevent crimes in progress and apprehend criminals. Preventive Patrol has been the backbone of police operations and remains today’s dominant operational policing strategy (Schmalleger, p. 234). On patrol, a police officer makes regular circuits or passes through a specific area called a beat. They may patrol by foot, horses, bicycles, motorcycles, bicycle or even cruise the neighborhoods in their police cars. The main advantage of car patrol versus foot patrol is that it increased efficiency of coverage and the disadvantage is that it reduced contact with the citizens. Studies on foot patrol indicated that these patrols are costly and did not reduce crime. In the 1970s, citizens became fed up with such high crime rates and felt it was senseless for
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