Community Policing and Problem Solving

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Community Policing and Problem Solving Policing John K. Forrest II CJS/210 August 15, 2010 Travis Coldwell Community Policing and Problem Solving Policing When police departments and crime rates of the past are examined there are some apologist who believe that America would be in a better law enforcement situation provide the policies of the past we put back into use. With the public becoming more technologically advanced and criminal’s awareness of prosecution avoidance, community policing is the best solution for the modern community. The introduction of the different models of community policing and the problem solving policing tactics employed will be covered in this essay as well as the changing needs of communities…show more content…
The Federal Government monitors through a program named COMPASS a variety of crime statistics and crime rates that reflect the effectiveness of policies begun after the distribution of funding for 1994’s crime bill. One interesting function of this COMPASS program is the ability of people in local communities to track the release dates and the locations of recently released prisoners and for law enforcement to preventatively intercede in the elimination of temptations by using problem solving techniques to keep these previously incarcerated out of jail and productive citizens. (Reentry Policy Council, N.D.) Overall the Federal Governments intercession in local policy funding stimulated action and cooperation by local and Federal agencies beyond what was previously established. While unbiased examination yields numerous effective techniques it is obvious that the most effective policing technique is the hybrid of both community based policing divisions that heavily use preemptive problem solving techniques. Dedicating an entire police department to a singular train of thought is not helpful to the local community because of the varying need of a city or county’s citizens. This hybrid allows police department to best change techniques based on community section and lets these sections get what is most needed and not what is most
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