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Eof fathers with children in the United States were single fathers. Indeed, 62% of children living in Berks County are affected by poverty (Catlin, Jovaag, & Van Dijik Willems, 2015).
Successfully, Community Prevention Partnership of Berks County agency started providing services in 1992; it was awarded with a federal grant from the department of Mental Abuse Health Services Administration’s Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. In 1995, the agency gained its 501(c) (3) status and fiscal program operations. Currently, the organization operates with funding as grant or agreements from a variety sources, like the Office of Family Assistance, Department of Public Welfare/Office of Child Development & Early Education, Council on Chemical
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Currently, Community Prevention Partnership of Berks County, Nurse Family Partnership, home visitation Program, provides services to first time low income expectant mothers. The organization has been delivering the program for many years. Successfully, the program serves 250 families. The Berks county, Nurse Family Partnership program has served 1600 first time poor mothers, and 1250 children since it began. Most NFP clients by the time of referral are 18 years of age. Accordingly, the thirty-one percent of this first-time mothers receives Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) and about fifty five percent are receiving Medicaid assistance. In fact, the household income average is 16, 000 and fifty two percent of mothers have not obtained a high school or GED diploma. Indeed, NFP outcomes involves maternal and child’s development education, referral and follow ups. Also, the program encourages breastfeeding, immunization updates developmental screenings. It has reduced smoking during pregnancy by 16.9% as well as prematurity rate by 4.5 %. (Michalopoulos, Lee, Duggan, Lundquist, Tso, Crowne, Burrell, Somers, Filene, & Knox, 2015).
Similarly, Parents As Teachers (PAT), home visitation program, offer services to pregnant mothers and families with children from infancy to kindergarten entry. Mothers may be pregnant for first time of have multiple children to qualify for the program. Community Prevention Partnership has been delivering PAT

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