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In this assignment am going to identify the services available for people suffering with depression in . I will also identify statutory and non-statutory services available to meet the needs of people experiencing depression; examine the contribution of different professional groups and support staff and their impact on inter-professional working. Identify the relationship between primary, secondary and tertiary service provision and a conclusion. According to a service which is defined as statutory “ is one that legally must be supplied by The authority concerned” ...and Statutory services available for…show more content…
All referrals are from NECA, and Social Services • Darlington Mind's aim is: To promote and preserve good mental health and to assist those experiencing mental distress to regain their full potential in life and work • NECA • Housing Authorities & and Providers • Benefits • Educational institution For people suffering with depression, they are different professional people working with them in primary, secondary and tertiary care. Primary health care, It seeks to address an individual and population health problems at an early stage through GPs and Nurses. (PHC) services for depression sufferers involve continuity of care, health promotion and education, integration of prevention with sick care, a concern for population as well as individual health (Hannigan and Coffey, 2003). Some CPNs work in primary care (doing mainly counselling-type work with people with depression and anxiety) or work closely with primary care in a liaison role in Darlington. The primary care Psychological Therapies in Darlington provides comprehensive psychological assessments for people with mild to moderate depression. When the depression becomes severe to an extent of presenting disenabling anxiety Primary care services make a referral to a Secondary Care Services (Godfrey & Denby, 2004). They may also present a high risk to themselves (such as suicidal thoughts) or thoughts to harm
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