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Community Project Dolly Thomas Albany State University Many students at the elementary level perform poorly in mathematics because when they complete kindergarten; they acquire inadequate knowledge of basic mathematics. Due to lack of enough skills and concepts, these students continue to experience this problem even in upper elementary school (Duncan et al, 2007).By the fourth grade, these students performance becomes very poor such that they are not expected to improve when they get to the next grade. The major program to improve student’s achievement in mathematics is the introduction of more intense professional development in teacher-led instruction, providing examples, and teaching problem-solving strategies for all…show more content…
According to Kramarski & Mevarech (2003), this type of instruction enhances student opportunities to discuss and answer questions. Another idea to improve mathematics performance in elementary level is to encourage the student to link the existing knowledge and the new knowledge effectively while working math problems/examples. A worked example is “a step-by-step demonstration of how to perform a problem” (Clark, Nguyen, & Sweller, 2006, p. 190). This will prepare the students for similar problems in the future as they bridge the connection between the problems and the examples. In many cases, students are encouraged to link the informal ideas with the formal mathematics ideas that are presented by the teacher to be able to solve problems. When students examine their own ideas, they are encouraged to build functional understanding through interaction in the classroom. When students share among themselves on differences and similarities in arithmetic procedures, they construct the relationship between themselves hence making it the foundation for achieving better grades in mathematics. Teachers can also encourage students to learn concepts and skills by solving problems (Mitchell et al 2000). Students do perform successfully after they acquire good conceptual understanding because they develop skills and procedures, which are necessary for their better performance. However, slow learning students should engage in more practice

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