Community Reentry Project ( Crp )

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on a setting to reduce recidivism. They are just as important as the client, Parole agents are that first line of linkage to the community as well as defenses. They can be the hurdle or the caretaker.
Inmate Advocacy Groups: There are numerous organizations that work to ensure that those who are incarcerated are treated humanely. They will frequently make inquiries of medical care, overcrowding, and safety issues. They react to offender complaints which may or may not have merit. This causes the local Sheriff’s or Department of Corrections to respond to these complaints. If you look at the criminal justice system as a series of dominoes that begins with arrest, proceeds through the trial process and, in the case of conviction, ends up
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The reason why this is important is CRP clients have a 26% recidivism rate compared to IDOC 56% recidivism rate, in addresses whole person and social determinants that impact health and criminogenic factors.

Another approach to strategy development begins with an analysis of external and internal factors, followed by some visioning, then planning. Including in the analysis phase is often a “SWOT,” a thorough examination of internal Strengths and Weaknesses, as well as external Opportunities and Threats. SWOTs are praised for capturing both the positive (strengths and opportunities) and negative (weaknesses, threats); and organizations embrace this approach with the hope of gaining a “balanced” analysis of itself, inside and out (Hetzel and Silbert, 2007).
Having embraced these concepts, will exchanged SWOT, facilitating environmental scans that examined key Strengths and Opportunities (SWOT), but with an intentional focus on Aspirations and Results keeping an eye on what we wanted to move toward (outcomes most desired), not the potholes and canyons to be avoided (Hetzel and Silbert, 2007). With the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) you have to keep it simple and up front on the thing that can help them achieve their goals and at the same time not make a whole lot of new work from the.
Though Strategic Planning the role of Parole can change, they will able to provide service for their parolees in one day that they could not do in the
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