Community Reflection Essay

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While home for Thanksgiving break I went to Sunday mass with my family. We have been members of Salem Lutheran Church since before my dad was born. When after entering the church, my family and I sat in our usual pews. The pastor gave a passionate sermon focusing on motherhood and childbirth. After service, everyone gathered in the gymnasium for coffee and snacks. I first spoke with Wayne, a soft-spoken Caucasian man in his late 60’s who was mildly brain disabled. Wayne dressed in baggy pants and a Hawaiian shirt that barely covered his belly, and wore an old school camera around his neck. Then I talked with Jackie, Collin, and Zach; all young Caucasian students who are all part of an art program at Whitworth University. All three were dressed in nice formal dress. After that I spoke with Jake Jacobsen, our church president, in the line for snacks. She wore slim straight slacks and a plaid shirt that was tucked in. She spoke will clear and distinct articulation.
It did not occur to me until going to church with the tools and mindset of an anthologist the numerous types of different people I interact with at Salem, most of whom I would never likely encounter anywhere else in my daily life. Salem Lutheran’s congregation is a mix of the homeless, disabled, elderly, gay, and the bottom and top of the American economic spectrum. While recording my observations I realized just how differently I act and think when dealing with each different person at Salem. For my observation,
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