Community Resources Research Paper

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Community resources and how they help the public
The family nurse provides care within many facilities in a community. This is discussed on pages 570-576 of your text. They include nurse home visiting programs, community nursing centers, public health departments, and home education, and community education. Discuss these facilities in your community as well as access to these resources. For each resource be sure to include how families in the community benefit. Also discuss three ways in which a family health nurse may be useful in community resources. Use what you've learned about the role of a family health nurse and what he/she may use to help in community settings.

Nurse Home Visiting Programs
The area agency on aging provides the
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Because of lack of funding we have had to cut down on the resources that we provide. The health department provides immunizations, TB, and std testing. They also provide information how to get rid of head lice to bed bugs. They also have programs for families like how to properly put in a car set to information on how to place your baby to sleep. They also do health inspections on food safety in restaurants and making sure the t all the plumbing installations are up to code. They also provide information at diferent places like the fair and going to school functions and educatiting kids about my plate and how to eat healthy. Richland Public Health. (2017).

Home and Community Education
Commuimminty education would be the health deparment . I would also be the local schools that help teach healthy eating and exercise. We have the local library that in the summer helps reward kids by giving them treats and rewards like books for reading. They also provide education programs on a varity of different things from fire safety to not talking to strangers. They also provide adult education like stop smokking and self defense classes. That nurses can come in and educate people
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