Community School Team Members Effectively Executing The Mission And Implementing Goals

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Question #3: Are Community School team members effectively executing the mission and implementing goals? In evaluating Question #3, we propose using Criteria #5: the Successful Implementation and Operation of the Community School Team as the goal that is assessed by several subcomponents including staff development, environment/climate, social science research and program administration and organization standard. Each subcomponent has its own metrics that need to be met (see below). The specific evaluation questions and indicators associated with each subcomponent are outlined in the Evaluation Criteria Chart (Appendix L). Staff Development: In year 1: 60% of staff (CBO staff and school staff) will participate in staff development…show more content…
Although outcomes can reassure key stakeholders of programming and provide an opportunity to create sustainable systems, structures and programming that need to be modified to meet the goals for year 2. For Question #3, we use a variety of evaluation designs such as process [X/O], post-treatment [X O] and pretest/posttest [O1 X O2]. Each design is correlated with different evaluation subcomponents. Staff Development The design proposed to evaluate staff development is a process design using a convenience sample. The methods associated with this component include a document review of professional development meeting agendas, minutes and attendance sheets, a staff manual, completed personnel feedback forms, staff evaluation, copies of resumes that align with job postings, and the number of professional development hours and topics provided to staff. Most of this information will be obtained during site visits in the fall and spring. Most of the documents required are also listed in the observation checklist that evaluators should request during their site visits (Appendix E). The observation checklist was created to support a comparable funding stream 21CCLC. This list was created by the 21CCLC Grant Management Team based on the New York State Education Department site monitoring form and New York State Afterschool Network (NYSAN) QSA Tool. The New York State Education Department monitoring form is used to by NYSED to monitor and
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