Community School Team Members Effectively Executing The Mission And Implementing Goals

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Question #3: Are Community School team members effectively executing the mission and implementing goals?
In evaluating Question #3, we propose using Criteria #5: the Successful Implementation and Operation of the Community School Team as the goal that is assessed by several subcomponents including staff development, environment/climate, social science research and program administration and organization standard. Each subcomponent has its own metrics that need to be met (see below). The specific evaluation questions and indicators associated with each subcomponent are outlined in the Evaluation Criteria Chart (Appendix L).
Staff Development: In year 1: 60% of staff (CBO staff and school staff) will participate in staff development opportunities with community partners. In year 2 the goal increases to 70%.
Assess Environment/Climate: In year 1: 70% of the Community School model will increase the safety and high quality standards of the school. In year 2 the goal increases to 85%.
Assess Social Science Research: In year 1: 60% of social science best practices research is implemented in the participating Community Schools Community School model. In year 2 the goal increases to 75%.
Program Administration and Organization Standard: In year 1: 60% of the Community School model will demonstrate alignment with programmatic goals and organizational standards. In year 2 the goal increases to 80%.
There is a clear distinction between the standards for year 1 and year 2…
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