Community Sector Assessment Work

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Community Sector Assessment Work Introduction Part A. Values and Philosophies ONE: a) Ensuring the wellbeing of staff, clients and communities suggests policies of safety with a zero tolerance of any kind of aggression; any form of inappropriate behavior by staff is unacceptable; understanding personal and emotional needs of all individuals within the bounds of the services must be respected and maintained; b) community workers must be wholly alert to any and all tensions or hints that something is amiss and could lead to problems; early identification of problems is mandatory for an alert social / community worker; c) any services that maintain human dignity and help protect children and parents in a community setting are vital in the social service setting; it may be psychological services, support services like food and shelter, or other appropriate services; d) the primary duties of a social worker include protecting the rights of individuals and assuring that their daily survival needs are met; e) in addition to meeting needs, the social / community service worker must go to great lengths to help people help themselves by empowering them to take control of their own lives and provide for themselves as best they can; and f) preventive strategies include providing services that anticipate the possibility / probability of challenges ahead of time rather than waiting until the challenges are too great to conquer Part B. Maintain Work Standards ONE: a) The Oregon
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