Community Service Activities Through The Alternative Breaks Program At Florida

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Earlier this year, I saw the same homeless man sitting on the curb with all his belongings in a cart and his dog at his side. I saw him day in and day at the same curb with the same clothes and the same despaired look on his face for several months. I would often think to myself that I should probably give him some money or even the left over sandwich that I had from lunch that day, but I never actually did. Until one day, it dawned on me that it had been awhile since I’ve seen him. At first I found myself pondering the thought of what happened to him and if he was okay then I started to wonder what if I could have made a difference if I had done something different. I acknowledged that characteristic about myself early into the semester, so I decided to make a change. In order to transform that aspect of myself, I decided to do something. I took the liberty to sign up for several different community service activities through the Alternative Breaks Program at Florida International University that benefited the campus and the homeless. I wanted to take action and help the less fortunate. I want to help those individuals who don’t have a warm bed to sleep on or clean clothes on their back. I want to be a lending hand for those in need. I feel sympathy for those individuals who have to suffer through a life with the bare minimum or even less than that. As stated in the article Self-compassion, empathy, and helping intentions (Welp & Brown, 2013) Because the self is often the

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