Community Service At The Ymca

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Our group, which consisted of Ricardo Carrillo, Emilee Cocuzzo, Sidd Dogra, Wurood Mandawi, and Trung Ngo, worked collectively on putting on a successful bingo and bake sale night for the YMCA. We ended up raising $ to help with the teenagers of the YMCA to go on their annual college trip during the summer. When assigned to our group, we had a meeting about what we wanted to do. Looking through the list of organizations, the general consensus was to do something with kids. Specifically, we decided to go with the YMCA or the Boys and Girls Club. If those failed, we also wanted to do something with the elderly or with a soup kitchen. However, contacting the YMCA was successful. Emilee Cocuzzo was the primary and designated contact person to communicate with the YMCA. After a few emails and then finally a phone call, Emilee was able to reach Amie Cox, the YMCA teenager coordinator. Amie wanted us to come in and speak to the teenagers at the YMCA about community service because she wanted them to be involved in this project. This led to us planning a PowerPoint for the teens about community service with different ideas for events we can put on. On Monday, September 28th, we visited the YMCA. We went into their conference room where we set up the computer and the projector. Finally when the teens arrived, we presented a short PowerPoint about community service and a few ideas for this event. We then broke off into two groups to get to know the kids a

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