Community Service In The United States

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The United States of America should support the common good all around. Community service shouldn't just be a punishment, which is what it is used for mostly now days in the USA. It should be used to help the community and those in need. Whether it be cleaning trash, painting over graffiti on a bridge, or donating clothes to the needy. Many other countrys already have their own type of manditory community service that their citizens participate in. Why can't we? Some say that manditory service will hurt the community and mess up the volunteers that already have organizations. Another negative response is that only 33% of the donations will go to the charity or needy and the other 66% will go to the Government. If everyone thought this way and did not help because of it, then the needy, poor, or homeless, would stay that way. The 33% is better than nothing. I think that if everyone would get together and do only one year, that the world would…show more content…
I will never turn down community service, because without community service, we would have no comminity. It is also proven that volunteering can have certain health benefits. Such as reducing high blood pressure. It can even give those who are looking for a hobby the right sense in direction without having to spend any money, but only to help others. Being apart of something that helps other can really give you a deep fullfillment, and maybe that is just what we need as a country. To conclude my response, Yes. I 100% believe in making people do community service over the age of 30 years old should be required in the USA. It would bring those together who came from different places in the community, and maybe even start a new chage in the community, for the
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