Community Service Professions The Nursing Profession

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Among the various rewarding community service professions the nursing profession is unique due to its charitable humanistic nature. The fundamental concept of nursing is that of providing a caring service for a fellow human being. As a most direct health care provider the responsibility of a nurse is to prioritize and deliver compassionately personalized qualitative patient care. As a strong spirited individual I recognize the aspiration to help others in myself and for that reason I became a licensed vocational nurse in 2008.

The desire to legitimately help the community rises above any uncertainties. It propels us to prepare ourselves for this lifelong profession, where we can make a living out of delivering care. I believe that there are many individuals that need help to be well, and then there are those who need to help to be well; such is the balance of the universe and I am becoming a registered nurse to help those in need. Today I am at this door step with hope and prepared for what lies ahead. I knock at the door of this institution asking to be further enlightened to fulfill my goals and commitment to having a career that matters and makes a positive difference.

As a Mexican immigrant, I have a great appreciation for the educational opportunities of this country. At the age of 16, while in high school I entered a Regional Occupational Program in the field of Cosmetology. This parallel arrangement of education allowed me to graduate from…
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