Community Service Reflection

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Saturday, October 7, 2017, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm I volunteered with the organization Habitat for Humanity at NAZ. I was accompanied by six students from the group Blue Key Honor Society that morning, to the residence of a man whose home was in need of renovations and cleaning. Greg Webb from the organization Habitat for Humanity was the main coordinator of the event and he assigned each of us a job. Before beginning the service we received a detailed procedural description of what was to be done and how to go about doing it efficiently and securely. The tools and protective material we were to use, such as gloves and goggles were provided to us by Greg before beginning. To begin with, the first half of the service I was scraping off dry and damaged caulk from the exterior surroundings of the trailer home. I also helped Greg measure and cut boards to replace the flooring of the patio and steps leading up to the front door. The rest of my time in the service I helped two other students scrub and power wash the exterior surface of the home as a result of an accumulation of mold and algae over the years. My reason for partaking in this specific service was due to the revelation brought on by my best friend. Every Saturday morning while I spent most of the day in bed, my best friend Amber, who is also my roommate, would come home after doing some sort of volunteer or community service with her group, Blue Key Honor Society. I had a moment of personal reflection when I thought to myself, “while I am here in bed, spending my free time resting, Amber is going out and making a difference in the world”. At that moment I realized that I had to evaluate my personal values. Later I talked to Amber and she encouraged me to join her on the weekends to participate with her group. Although I completely enjoyed my lazy weekends in bed, I understood that spending my free time like that was selfish and ultimately not the best use of my time. Overall, helping others has always been something that I enjoy doing, so it did not take much consideration on my part to decide on participating in the volunteer work. In the end, I was glad that I did because the outcome of my service helped someone in need. Arriving at the

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