Community Service Reflection

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At Santa Maria College, we are educated to treat others with respect and to always help out and lend a helping hand to those who are in need. To show this in the community, Santa Maria Students actively provided volunteer work to organisations, in hope to build confidence, character and respect for others. This year I volunteered at Scotch College, and helped out a Grade 2 teacher with many different tasks, that would have been a struggle and challenge to achieve alone. Having my service here was a great eye opener to the how much passion and effort employees put into their jobs, to ensure the greatest possible experience for those who they help. So by learning this early I aimed to do the same for Mrs Fowles when I volunteered fro he during the holidays. At my visits to the school I was assigned many tasks, mostly helping organisation of her classroom for the new school year. Throughout the days at my service activity, I completed filing work, marking, cleaning and helped carry heavy loads of books, stationary, are classroom furniture. This organisation has been able to provide an intellectual and personal challenge programme in keeping with the best traditions of liberal education. Scotch promotes individuality, opportunity, equity and excellence. Their mission is to develop young men with strength of character, self-understanding, a passion for sustained learning and spiritual inquiry who will become active members of the global community. One of the principals of social justice that I addressed was that children may receive a strong education and are taught strong morals and beliefs. By having my own experiences in receiving an education I have learnt that students are in desperate need for a good, organised learning area and a caring and loving learning environment. People can often label the need for a good and proper education as not a high priority, however is not the case. Through my service I aimed to provide lending hand and help to address and improve this issue in society by starting at the college. By the end, I was pleased with myself myself that I had been able to really make a differences to Mrs Fowles, and that I was able to unload a large stress off her back. As Nelson Mandela once said

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