Community Service Reflection

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On Wednesday October 10 2017, all Freshmen boarded buses to perform community service for the sick, elderly, children, Earth, and the environment. For Freshman service day, I went to the Children’s Discovery Museum. At the Museum, I helped prepare and create projects for the children to complete about la Día de los Muertos, of the day of the dead. In addition to helping with the crafts, I also helped to complete the new expanded garden in the back of the museum. However, when performing service it is important to keep in mind three fundamental aspects which make us human; how we can use our hands, head, and opening our hearts towards other.
Our hands are the foundation of many structures, it represents actually doing of Christian faith in our daily lives. The way we use our hands is through doing what we say we will do. For example, Jesus used his hands to feed the hungry, welcome all people, heal the sick, and console the heartbroken. At the Discovery Museum, I used my hands to create and make activities for the children. These activities and crafts will help the children learn about the day of the dead in fun ways. It will help make the experience more enriching and memorable. I also used my hands to shave trees to make sure that no child would get splinters or hurt themselves in the huts. Once opened, the garden will be a place for the children to learn about the Earth and its resources. It will help them learn to be stewards of the Earth like Jesus asks us to be.
Christian faith also asks us to open our hearts. In opening our hearts, we are living the Greatest Commandment as Jesus lived it. The Greatest commandment wants us to love us God with all our strength, heart and mind, and our neighbors as ourselves. God created us to live as one community in unity as his people; to love, serve, and help other. The Discovery Museum helped me fulfill the Greatest Commandment when I cared for all the activities and crafts I created so that it would last a long time. I gave each activity my full attention, heart, and strength to make sure it is usable and make the child happy. The service helped me open my heart more because we are all God’s children; we are all equal and deserve to be treated respectfully the way we

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