Community Service Reflection

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The community service that I had done was, I worked with the High School Wilderness Club during the events that they do for Hamburg and surrounding areas. For most of the events I helped out by setting and cleaning up the trash cans, barricades and signs that had to be put out before and after the events, and during the events I would work by making sure the trash cans were not getting too full or just to make sure that everything was running smoothly. I chose this work because I am a member of the Wilderness Club and had originally only joined the club because of all the fun things they do throughout the year. After being told that I had to do community service to go on the fun trips, I said why not, if I want to do the fun things, then I guess I’ll have to do the work involved. I hoped to learn the different values of the community and also to get to know more people in the school and community. All of the work that I had done was with groups of people, so that gave me the opportunity to make new friends and get to know them better. I also hoped to learn that just because you are doing work does not mean that it will be boring. Every time I was working I always had fun, and it was a quite enjoyable time. I went into the project thinking I just have to do this to get it over with so I can graduate, but I ended up to really enjoy what I had to do. I believe that our school making it a requirement to complete service hours is a great way for the younger members in the community to start to learn what all goes into the events that are put on each year. It is also a great learning opportunity for the community to see that the children are involved with what happens. Even though I have all the hours I need to graduate done, I will still be doing community service because it is a great learning opportunity and is fun to help out the community. For my community services hours I did all of my community I worked with the Wilderness Club with all the events that they do throughout the year. I helped with the Hamburg carnival, Easter egg hunts, fishing rodeos, trap shoots, and Hamburger Festival. At Carnival my family brought the majority of the animals for the children to come and pet. I also help to run the ticket

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