Community Service Reflection

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Community service is a very special and important activity when it comes to wanting to not only better your community but also connect with the community in a way that is not possible in your everyday life. For this semester I experimented with a different types of community service, it ranges all the way from giving blood to helping out my local no kill animal shelter. Doing all of these things really opened up my eyes, it made me realize how much our community needs our help, and if we do not put forth the effort nothing is going to change or get better. I am not saying what I did over this semester changed anything, but I now know all the benefits of community service and hope that one day in the near future I can contribute in a way that is beneficial to others of my community.
The very first thing I did this semester was helping my local veterans club (Veterans of Foreign Wars) out during their busy bingo nights on Saturday. The only reason I even heard of this was because of my mother's boyfriend, he is a Navy veteran and he asked me if I could help them out one night, and so I did. After the first time, I realized that people take Bingo very serious, people also take their food very seriously. The way I helped them was I would go in the kitchen and basically do everything, I would take their orders, cook them their food, put their food on the tray, and then I had to deliver the food to them because they had trouble walking. That is a lot of work for only two people,

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