Community Service Reflection Paper

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FIRST IMPRESSION PAPER CMS-3700 | SHARAWE AHMED ABDULLAHI M. Background It is difficult to ignore the fact that we live in a dynamic interconnected society that has many moving parts that each operate dependently with each other. If our world was a vehicle, the many individuals, cadres and groups that coexist with each other, would have some sort of role in this machine. Despite the different pieces differing in the function or they play in society, they are still considered to make up a part of a whole. Therefore, as a society and as an individual community service helps to maintain the whole that we are part of. It was my upbringing in Swaziland that taught me the importance of helping within my community and I was excited for the opportunity to do the same in Kenya at the Total Rehab Center for Disabled Children. Located off Thika Road Highway in Kasarani, Nairobi, the Center was established with the aim of providing a home to children with cerebral palsy, degenerative diseases and other mental disabilities. It was founded by Teresia Njeru, a professionally trained teacher from the Special Education and Professional Studies College in Kenya. Teresia saw a need and desire to dedicate her life to help. The house she rented began as a humble refuge for children with extreme mental and physical disabilities, but now currently hosts over 30 children and even a few young adults from all over the country. The Center is registered as a Community-Based Organization and has been functional for over six years. The main objective is to enhance the welfare of the physically and mentally impaired through empowerment, treatment, rehabilitation and more. Teresia hopes to see her organization blossom into a lead rehabilitative center in order to better ensure the quality of life of those in need. The Center promotes the following values of: • Professionalism through a commitment to determinately help those in need with knowledge and care. • Team work and commitment through collectively working within and outside the center to aid those in need. • Diversity by recognizing and understanding differences. • Integrity and accountability by adhering to the ethical standards of trustworthiness, transparency and constancy.
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