Community Service Research Paper

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Community service in our society is starting to get a diminished appeal because it doesn't sound fun. Teenagers don't understand what they are doing for other people and our focused on the entertaining aspect of it. When it shouldn't be about that. It should be about helping people, but we are too concerned with ourselves. Required community service would some people good because it would teach them how to do it, but in a way it might ruin the purpose of it. This is because community service and service in general should be about the greater good, not because you are forced to do it to graduate. The point is that society has changed loads since the Counterculture Movement, in the sixties, but attitudes for this are still not the greatest.…show more content…
Community service is worth it, especially if he or she can get out of school for it. I get out of school for my internship at East Side Elementary. While I am there I help the kids to focus and sometimes do centers that are helping them learn more about the subjects they are doing. In kindergarten it is especially important to be learning the four core subjects. This is because kindergarten is where he or she is starting their education for the rest of their lives. It is where they develop skills that they won't learn anywhere else. At least this is where it is supposed to happen. In most kindergartens it does, but sometimes the teacher doesn't have the time to help the slower kids out at the things that they struggle with. That is where I come in with my community service. I help the slower kids to learn more about what they are supposed to be learning, because it is hard sometimes to stay with the rest of the class, especially if he or she doesn't understand what is going on in the lessons. Once he or she gets behind it is really hard to catch up and when he or she is in kindergarten they need tutors to help them get caught up. That is what I do along with helping them stay up with their tasks at hand. Even if nobody needs to be tutored, the kids still need help staying focused. This is why being an aid in a classroom is so important. They are the ones that are not doing it…show more content…
When he or she is tutoring a kid they can see the difference and growth from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Usually when he or she is tutoring a kid this happens because kids can retain information in incredible amounts. When he or she tutors a child they must take certain procedures because it matters what age they are to what procedure he or she might do. Somebody with a learning disability might have a different method of learning something then the person that is dyslexic. He or she may never know, but he or she needs to figure out what that stimulus is that helps them learn the best and apply it to how he or she might teach them. This is the thing that gives me the satisfaction is working with a student that has a learning disability. When he or she is working with them it is hard sometimes to come up with ways in which they will retain the information that he or she is throwing at them. Sometimes it can take a long time until they finally get it, but when they do is when the feeling of accomplishment comes in and he or she starts to appreciate the amount of work that they put in to help the child out. This is the part I like the best because it can be frustrating when the person isn't getting what he or she is trying to teach them, but once they get it it is the best feeling in the
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