Community Service: We Must All Give Back to the Community Essay

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I earned volunteer hours as a member of the County High Students in Philanthropy organization. I joined Students in Philanthropy my junior year in high school mostly because I wanted it on my college applications but partly because my mom has a part of the organization when she was getting her degree. My mom loved being a part of Students in Philanthropy and so I thought it would be the best choice for me. I had no clue just how much fun I would have over the course of two years. I definitely did not expect to become a member of State College’s Students in Philanthropy when I started college two years ago, however I am now a member and I love it. Through being a part of such an incredible organization, I volunteered with the Life…show more content…
During my senior year, we helped the Life Skills teachers plan, prepare, and execute each holiday party. For Halloween, we brought candy and baked goods to the Life Skills Halloween party and played games, colored and decorated the room with the students in there. I had never really paid much attention to them before that day but it was during that time that I realized how much those kids were like me. One of the girls in Life Skills and I bonded over liking Hilary Duff’s old music. She even had one of Hilary Duff’s CDs in her backpack which made me laugh because I had that same music on my phone. It was amazing to me that two girls who appeared so different, could be so similar. Later in the year, we helped decorate the Life Skills prom and that was the best day ever fr Students in Philanthropy. We set up their prom in County High colors and our teacher, brought a huge arch for when the students entered the room. The arch itself was eight feet tall and 5 feet wide. Needless to say, it was massive and really difficult to put up. There was a lot of hard work that went into decorating the room but it was all worth it when the students walked in, and their eyes lit up. All of the girls looked so beautiful and the boys looked so incredibly handsome. They had the time of their lives that night and so did we, dancing with the kids and celebrating an incredible year getting to
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