Community South Medical Center

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Marilyn Summers-Stephens HCA 340 Managing in Health & Human Services Instructor: Rhonda Travland June 25, 2012 I think the strategic mission should be revised. The Medical Center is in an older urban area with smaller shops and businesses. The community is trending towards a predominantly elder population. There has also been a decline in compliance with T.J.C. standards. Staffing supports new program development and the physician staff is in abundant supply. There are also major issues that need to be addressed, such as shortages in clinical staff, non-interfacing information technology systems, antiquated facilities and infrastructure, and a shift to its financial mix. Careful assessment of the aging person's…show more content…
(helpguide, 2012) Effective care for older patients requires an accurate assessment of the elderly's health status. Physical, psychological, social, and behavioral and health system factors may influence their health status. Functional health status includes: a) basic activities of daily living; dressing, feeding, bathing, toileting, transfer-moving inside and round the house, b) instrumental activities of daily living; shopping, laundry, cooking, housekeeping, taking medication, managing money, c) advanced activities of daily living; social activity, occupation, recreation. Cognitive function assessment includes: attention span, concentration, intelligence, judgment, learning ability, memory, orientation, perception, problem solving, psychomotor ability, reaction time, social intactness. (ispub, 2012) A negative impact on the community and the medical center may be that the populace of elderly becomes a majority in the coming years and more facilities for the elderly will have to accommodate them. Mainstreaming older people into primary health care programs may be an option that the medical center put into implementation. (oxford, 2012) Looking down the road in three years, the goal would be to develop a system of collaboration between the medical center and the community through analyzing, accessing, and sharing information on existing and future data for present and future workforce demands. The findings of the research data could be
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