Community South Medical Center

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Strategic planning is crucial for the success of all business endeavors. Analyzing currents trends in technology, consumer markets, competition, and the workforce can play a pivotal part in whether or not the organization can survive. Overtime, strategic planning strategies must be modified in order to compensate for changes in the industry. Goals and strategic planning often necessitate change to ensure that the organization is performing at peak level, while offering the most beneficial and quality services to consumers. Case Study The Community South Medical Center, a large urban profit-based health center, is equipped to deal with many comprehensive health care issues. Although the medical center has an excellent reputation,…show more content…
In addition, making sure that the chief executives of the company are involved can help in accurate feedback when analyzing the functions of the organization. This collaboration would help improve market trends and can create an environment suitable for financial success. Market Trends Market trends for the company are now poor, as other local businesses have moved out of the area. Community South Medical Center could benefit from figuring out the reasons behind the moves. In addition, this would be a good time for the center to gain dominance over the market by revamping their strategic plan since the competition has been diminished by the moves. By finding resourceful ways to manage the changes of the strategic plan, Community South Medical Center can effectively pull themselves out of the red and become a leading medical facility once again. Changes in infrastructure are also affecting marketing trends for Community South Medical Center. According to Waldman (2009), “Health is infrastructure. Health care is the maintenance and repair service for this key element of our productive capacity. As a nation we need to treat the health of our people just like repaving a road - as an investment in our future” ( Without a strong infrastructure, Community South Medical Center is surely
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