Community Supervision Is Not A New Concept

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Adult Probation, also known as community supervision is not a new concept that is occurring in today’s criminal justice system in the United States. In the year 1841, John Augustus introduces probation in the United States in Boston and later recognized as the “Father of Probation” (Petersilia, 1997). John Augustus convinced a judge to release a drunkard into his custody to help the man find a job and become sober. After Augustus’ success in his first case, he began to offer his services to other individuals involved in criminal activity. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, approximately 267,400 Ohio residents were under community supervision at the end of 2013. With a high amount of individuals on probation in Ohio, the question should be asked “How can adult probation departments around the state of Ohio have the greatest impact on such a large group of individuals?”
At Summit County adult probation, this student has observed that most probation officers have caseloads with approximately 120-140 probationers at any one time. Probation officers have a difficult time giving adequate attention to each offender on their caseload. Petersilia stated in her article
“Offenders in large urban areas are often assigned to 100-plus caseloads, in which meetings occur at most once a month,and employment or treatment progress is seldom monitored. As long as no rearrest occurs, offenders can successfully complete probation whether or not conditions have been…
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