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Community Teaching- Influenza Vaccine Jessica Alves December 11, 2015 According to Healthy People 2020 a goal of theirs is to “increase immunization rates and reduce preventable infections.” The influenza virus is one of these preventable infections, which can cause serious harm to patients. The influenza virus is known as the “flu.” Everyone in his or her life has had some experience with the flu, whether that is himself or herself or a family member. What if there was a way to ensure people from contracting a strain of the influenza virus? Well, thanks to technology and medical research there is. There are three types of the influenza virus: Type A, B, and C. Types A and B are contracted and spread by human-to-human transmission.…show more content…
Influenza, as stated above, is a preventable spreadable infection. The goal of this education session was to expand the knowledge of long-term residents on vaccination against influenza. In a preliminary meeting, it was found that over 15 residents had refused this years’ influenza vaccination. The objectives of the teaching plan included: identifying signs and symptoms of influenza, discuss both positive and negative feels during the vaccine, identify exclusion criteria to receiving the vaccine, and demonstrate arm exercises to prevent soreness after vaccination (“Government”, 2014). The educational session lasted approximately 50 including multiple discussions. The presenter began by introducing herself and sharing a funny story. The story was to entice the crowd and loosen everyone up. The quiet room busted into laughs and the presentation began to a great start. The presentation began with a review of the objectives stated above. A discussion was then had and participation was 100 percent. Everyone in the room had something to contribute. Prior to starting the discussion a disclaimer was made that this discussion would be in confidence and whatever was discussed during this session was to remain in the room. All residents willingly agreed. Feelings of nervousness, unknown, and worry were some common themes. Also some residents shared feelings of anger toward people who did not want to receive the vaccine. A discussion was the perfect
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