Community Teaching Plan

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Introduction This paper is our proposed plan for teaching those of all ages about obesity; its detrimental effects on the body, short and long term, and how to avoid associated problems, using a healthy varied eating plan and incorporating a daily exercise schedule. The health risks of obesity are the same for all people and the interventions for weight loss are also the same. These interventions are basic, eat healthy and be active. But educating communities and enabling them to make these changes are not basic tasks in themselves. It takes knowledge, planning, creativity and time to ensure that this teaching is effective. Proposed Community Teaching What is obesity? “Obesity is defined as an abnormal increase of fat in the…show more content…
Adults need to achieve 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise five days or more. Education is also focused on eating a healthy, well balanced diet, and maintaining an active lifestyle. Planning Before Teaching There will be five nurses teaching on the subject of obesity in the Flagstaff community. We are hoping to educate those who are obese as well as their supportive family members. The nurses are Jennifer Benyamin, RN, Angela Faucheaux, RNC, Stefanie Green, RN, Ancy Jacob, RN and Carol Marten, RN. These nurses represent a variety of different nursing backgrounds and experience. These nurses are knowledgeable and ready to educate this community about the many aspects of obesity and how to treat it. The teaching is planned to take place at the Flagstaff Adult Center. This is a city-owned building that allows for health promotion teaching to take place, free of charge. The time needed for this session is planned to be approximately two hours, this allows for extra time if needed for questions. Prior to the teaching session we will allocate our information into a
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