Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Essay

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Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal

Hygiene and healthy living practices are important aspects of human life that are imparted onto an individual right from childhood. However, there are lapses in hand washing hygiene amongst parents and teachers thereby occasioning an unrestricted spread of germs. This in turn leads to the spread of flu and common cold as well as other strange hybrid diseases. This paper seeks to lay out a work plan for teaching proper hand washing and its importance to preschoolers. This would be geared toward reinforcing hand washing in the children and thus change their habits both at home and school. As more dangerous and contagious germs are being discovered each day, one would owe it to the preschoolers to promote the hand washing skill.
Epidemiological Rationale
Earlier trials on hand washing in schools produced improved results in hand hygiene thereby leading to reductions in ailments caused by germs. There were reductions in both respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses on a huge percent when test results and control results were compared. Moreover, school absenteeism caused by acute communicable diseases was reduced after hand washing was carried out for 34 days. The results showed that hand washing resulted into a 23 percent reduction in the rate of school absenteeism. The incidents of colds were also found to decrease after frequent and thorough hand washing by 18 percent. This data provides researchers with adequate evidence
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