Community, The Structure of Belonging, Peter Block

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Peter Block’s Presentation: Community, the Structure of Belonging Introductory Plenary Session We, learning and development, training, OD practitioners etc, are in the business of the restoration of humanity. Society is designed as a system of economic units. They extract our humanity. High performance is all about relatedness. Our humanity matters. Our organizations package it as outcomes and productivity. Our job is hard to do. We are told to sell ourselves by selling the bottom line and productivity. Instead, we need to balance this perspective by focusing on transformation to restore humanity. There must be a shift in thinking – a shift in the narrative or conversation. Performance reviews are only about…show more content…
Participants are social architecture designers. Connection creates space for listening. We need to try to create citizenship in communities – create ownership in systems. Ask people in large groups to stand up and say their names. This encourages ownership and citizenship in the community. Don’t ask group what their expectation for the event – it will be too small. Help them to think big. Engagement versus enrolment. Engagement is the means by which the future is created. Initial questions for small groups starting a session: • How valuable do you plan for this experience to be? • How much risk do you intend to take for this experience to be of value? • How do I have the courage to reconstruct the world around me? • To what extend do you care about the whole? Facilitators manage rhythm back and forth between intimacy and context. We produce the conditions in which intimacy is produced. Put context in afterwards. Talk after the experience. High Risk Questions: • What is your contribution to the problem you’re complaining about? • What is the “yes” you no longer mean? • What is the forgiveness you’re unwilling to offer? • What is the resentment you hold that no one knows about? • What is the question that is animating your life right now? • What is the question that has the most urgency in your life right now? Ask small groups to answer one or more, or have each person choose a question to answer. It
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