Community Verse Law Enforcement Has A Big Conflict Between

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Community verse law enforcement has a big conflict between them: police misconduct, officers use force, false accusation against officer; and bad reputation for the police department. The first method the government came up with is the dash cam that were installed in every police vehicle to observe the officers and citizens when they interacted, but that doesn’t work quite well because it only shows in front of the police car. They had release another method to equip police officers with body worn cameras and this camera will have a better view when police officer interact with citizens. Police officers should wear body cameras because it will enforce officer accountability, earns back public trust, and provides evidence in court when a …show more content…

Polices wearing body cameras is very important for society today, not just for the United States but also a cross the world. Today all the new covered about law enforcement is just negatively and it comes with video showing police officers interacting with citizens. (Lina Park personal interview), said that she visited Vietnam and China in 2014, while on her car traveling from city to city’s, her vehicle was stopped by the police in both countries. They noticed her as a visitor and a citizen of the United States; and they assumed that she would have some money and would probably slip some cash under her car registration. They kept her there for about an hour or so, making issues with her driver license, saying that she is not allow to drive with United State license in their countries, she knew something was up. Park and her friends had their smartphones out, recording the conversations between the officers and themselves. She said that his mood changed after she had the camera on, and the officers let them go nicely and did not make any more problems. This isn’t just happens in some foreign country, it also is happening in the United States. (Journalist’s resource Pra 5) from Justin and Jacob Young of Arizona State University had shown officer worn body cameras making less arrests then officer who did not wear cameras, “Officer assigned to wear cameras issued 23.1% more citations for ordinance violations than those who did not

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