Community Vs. Perception Of Alcohol

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Ian Markle 10/03/2016 Community vs Paranoia The influence of alcohol has been everywhere in human history and is undoubtedly the most dominant psychoactive substance in every human culture. It was critical for developing countries where alcohol was key to trade. (Awkward) Alcohol was one of the ‘main three’ psychoactive products (with tobacco and caffeine) which helped drive the globalization of trade from the 17th century. Today, the consumption of alcohol has become more omnipresent because of how diversified drinks have become. Drinking is an increasingly globalized cultural practice because alcohol is a substance with a global history. Producers of these alcoholic beverages tend to be large corporations reliant on innovative marketing techniques. The global alcohol industry is also trying to expand into developing countries while continuing to collect profits in the saturated markets of North America and Europe. Thesis: No one knows for certain as to when humans first produced alcohol. The original alcoholic drink could have been created from berries or honey. But according to (quote), “the discovery of late Stone Age beer containers dating back to 8000 BCE demonstrates that humans have been fermenting alcoholic drinks for at least 10,000 years.” Since then alcohol has been produced, consumed, and traded by humans for thousands of years. An early example of alcohol trade happens in 3000 B.C., early Mesopotamian farmers realized that the alcohol surplus they produced
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