Community Work and Fedex

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One organization that has a program with respect to community involvement is FedEx. This company's community involvement takes a number of different forms. At the basic level, the company encourages its employees to make contributions to their local communities. There is no formal program to reward volunteer work, but it is encouraged among the company's employees. The company, however, also has a number of formal initiatives that are worthy of mention. FedEx uses its resources and infrastructure to deliver benefits to a number of groups. It is involved, for example in charitable shipping, where it donates shipping services to different charitable agencies. The company donated 5.2 million pounds of free shipping in the 2011 fiscal year, for example, through several of its shipping entities. FedEx also partners with the American Red Cross in a longstanding program. FedEx is the "backbone of its US disaster logistics system." A million pounds of suppliers were delivered in the 2011 fiscal year. This program can involve significant effort on the part of the company, for example its involvement in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, where FedEx brought critical suppliers into the affected regions on behalf of the Red Cross. Another program is with Direct Relief International. This program again sees the company utilize its resources to make deliveries to challenged regions around the world, for disaster relief and for humanitarian aid. There are a number of factors that
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